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VHF Telecom Technicians Carving Out Niche!

August 26, 2010.

At VHF we're happy to announce that summer 2010 has been busy, productive, and way too fast! 

Many of our efforts this summer have been dedicated to expanding our operations in the field of telecom testing and installations.  We install and test all things telecom including ethernet and fiber.  Our highly-qualified telecom technicians have excelled in offering these new, cutting-edge services and have started to make a name for themselves via quality work completed in a timely manner.

VHF plans on continuing to expand and enhance their telecom services.

If you have any inquiries concerning our telecom division or anything else, feel free to contact us!


VHF Construction’s Sister-Company Contour Directional Drilling Ltd. Launches Website.


July 1, 2010.

VHF sister-company Contour Directional Drilling Ltd. has launched into cyberspace with a website displaying their unique, “ground-breaking” technology.  Contour installs utilities underground without digging trenches via boring underneath the surface and installing the conduit where the utility will eventually be contained.  From water services, to geothermal, to geosolar, to fiber-optics, to drainage, to sewage, to electrical and beyond, there are few services that Contour Directional Drilling cannot install.  As you can imagine, the two companies compliment each other on a regular basis.  The “clean” nature of directional drilling means clean, undisturbed, job-sites, something our clients appreciate!

You can locate Contour Directional Drilling Ltd. on the web at:

You can view a video of a 12” conduit install by a Contour Directional Drilling crew on YouTube at:

Please feel free to email us with your questions and comments.  We’re always happy to help!


VHF Employees Complete Fiber To The Home Certificates


January 20, 2010

VHF has started 2010 where they left 2009 - increasing their Fiber Optic expertise.  VHF employees Peter Trautrim and Scott Billing have achieved their certificates in FTTX (Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Premises).  Fiber To The X is the service of installing Fiber Optic networks to residential houses, commerical business, or industrial premises.  This is just another stride in developing our ability to safely, knowledgably, and accurately install your fiber!

If you wish to read more about FTTX, please click here.


VHF Does Fiber Optics?  Certified Technicians on Staff!

November 13, 2009.

VHF has announced that they will strive to become prevalent industry leaders in the field of fiber optic installations and maintenance.  The introduction of fiber optics is a natural progression for VHF who have been providing communication services to their Clients for over 30 years. Now VHF can provide their Clients with fiber optic services ranging from installation to maintenance to problem solving to testing.

This news comes on the completion of  the Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) course by VHF employees Scott Billing and Peter Trautrim.  The course was provided by the internationally renowned non-profit organization The Fiber Optic Association.  Only 2700 people in Canada are certified to safely install fiber and VHF has two of them! 

VHF believes that fiber is the way of the future in the communications industry and are ecstatic to bring their principles of quality, professionalism, and hard work to the fiber optics field.  If you have any questions about our fiber optic services please do not hesitate to contact us or checkout our VHF Fiber Optic Frequently Asked Questions.

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