Qualifications & Policies

VHF Construction Ltd. recognizes, embraces, and encourages the importance of safety-training and practices in all of its day-to-day work. Our safety record is impeccable and we are refining, improving, and adhering to these practices on a daily basis to ensure continued excellence in safety.

New employees of VHF Construction Ltd. are put alongside our veteran crew-leaders who teach them our safety practices. Our crew leaders have been working in the tower industry for a minimum of eight years. On top of these practices, our field employees are all required to complete St. John Ambulance’s first-aid and CPR courses.

We are proud members of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario, and the Electrical and Utilities Safety Association. VHF Construction Ltd. is also compliant with the regulations of the Canadian Standards Association and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

VHF has also received certificaction from the Fiber Optic Association to safely handle, test, and maintain fiber optic systems.



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