About Us

Founded in 1979, VHF Construction Ltd. has established itself as a market leader in tower erection. Based in Southern Ontario, VHF Construction Ltd. provides quick, safe, quality tower-related work. Our motto is “No Shortcuts!” We mean just that – do every job right: address every detail with special attention. It does not matter if we are erecting a tower, installing a foundation, creating an access road, making one of our famous floating fences, performing site maintenance, or doing a rooftop installation: with VHF Construction Ltd. there will never be any shortcuts. We assure our Clients a top quality product , and we have been providing them with these services for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on doing jobs that our competition will not touch. We have erected communication towers on the top of ski-mountains and on remote Muskoka islands. If it means taking a barge and mixing our foundation concrete on site, we’ll do it! Please check out our Sans-Souci job profile and services sections to learn more about our work and some of the challenges faced.

Mission Statement

VHF Construction Ltd. is dedicated to the improvement of the global communications infrastructure. As technology in the industry advances, VHF Construction Ltd. advances as well. Through skilled, quality, and safe work, our projects help innovate and improve our Client’s communication networks. Primarily through tower erection, and also through technological upgrades, installations, maintenance, and site-creation, VHF Construction Ltd. provides our Clients, and in turn their customers, with a safe, reliable, and top-class product. Our values are clear: Never cut any corners! Our projects, big or small, are all to be conducted with professionalism, safety, and quality. Our qualifications and operating policies ensure that these values will never be ignored. These principles govern the standard of excellence that VHF Construction Ltd has come to be known for.

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